Terms and Warranty


1.  Prices are subject to change and do not include a 5.3% sales tax.

2.  10% of total price is required at time of sale.

3. Delivery is included up to 50 miles from 1704 Mohawk Rd, Gladys, Va.

 Over 50 Miles for sheds 8′ 10′ & 12′ wide, 16′ long & less: $6.97 per mile (one way).

        Over 50 Miles for sheds 10′ & 12′ wide, over 16′ long: $7.22 per mile (one way).

Over 50 Miles for sheds 14′ wide: $19.57 per mile (one way). (Due to needed escorts)

        Over 50 Miles for sheds with footers 12′ wide and under: $18.13 per mile (one way).

Over 50 Miles for sheds with footers 14′ wide: $30.48 per mile (one way). (Due to needed escorts)

4. Set-up included in most cases. Includes leveling up to 30″ with the highest corner being set on 1 cap block. Over 30″ a charge of $15 dollars per inch.

5.  It is the Homeowners responsibility to remove any obstacles (branches/fences)

6.  We accept Visa and Mastercard though we do charge 3% to swipe your card.

7.  10% charge to cancel orders.

8.  Financing Available through Lendmark & RTO National.”


  • Good’s Garden Sheds offers a 10 Year Warranty for defective workmanship for the original buyer.

Manufacturers’ warranty on all materials listed below:

  1. Three tab Shingles -25 year limited warranty
  2. Arch. Shingles -30 year limited warranty
  3. 4.5″ GP Parkside Vinyl siding-click here
  4. GP OSB-limited lifetime warranty (for the original purchaser)
  5. LP Smart Siding-click here
  6. LP Prostruct flooring-click here
  7. LP Techshield-click here
  8. Trim coil-click here
  9. Pressure Treated T-111-no warranty
  10. Metal roofing and siding-click here


Quality Guarantee

  • Each shed is built with care and personally inspected by Paul Good, owner of Good’s Garden Sheds.
  • You can be confident of top-of-the-line materials and solid construction. (We don’t use no warranty products)
  • Rafters and floor joists are constructed with 2x4s, 16″ on center.
  • The floor support system is designed by master engineers.
  • One of our high-quality, maintenance-free sheds will serve you well!