Terms and Warranty


1.  Prices are subject to change and do not include a 5.3% sales tax.

2.  10% of total price is required at time of sale.

3. Delivery is included up to 50 miles from 1704 Mohawk Rd, Gladys, Va.

Over 50 Miles for sheds 12′ wide and under: $3.45 per mile (one way).

Over 50 Miles for sheds 14′ wide: $7.91 per mile (one way). (Due to needed escorts)

       Over 50 Miles for sheds with footers 12′ wide and under: $9.13 per mile (one way).

       Over 50 Miles for sheds with footers 14′ wide: $13.59 per mile (one way). (Due to needed escorts)

4. Expert Setup/Leveling : included in most cases. (over 30 Inches will add Charges)

5.  It is the Homeowners responsibility to remove any obstacles (branches/fences)

6.  We accept Visa and Mastercard though we do charge 3% to swipe your card.

7.  10% charge to cancel orders.

8.  Financing Available through Lendmark & RTO National.


  • Good’s Garden Sheds offers a Lifetime Warranty for defective workmanship for the original buyer.

Manufacturers’ warranty on all materials listed below:

  1. Three tab Shingles -25 year limited warranty
  2. Arch. Shingles -30 year limited warranty
  3. 4.5″ GP Parkside Vinyl siding-click here
  4. GP OSB-limited lifetime warranty (for the original purchaser)
  5. LP Smart Siding-click here
  6. LP Prostruct flooring-click here
  7. LP Techshield-click here
  8. Trim coil-click here
  9. Pressure Treated T-111-no warranty
  10. Metal roofing and siding-click here


Quality Guarantee

  • Each shed is built with care and personally inspected by Paul Good, owner of Good’s Garden Sheds.
  • You can be confident of top-of-the-line materials and solid construction. (We don’t use no warranty products)
  • Rafters and floor joists are constructed with 2x4s, 16″ on center.
  • The floor support system is designed by master engineers.
  • One of our high-quality, maintenance-free sheds will serve you well!